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Auto-Booth | Automated drive-in digital vehicle scanning

Degould’s original and most sophisticated and most popular system, our drive-in, drive-out booth uses the state of the art controlled lighting and technology to achieve the highest resolution images on the market. In a takt time of just a few seconds, a full 360-degree capture of the vehicle is created over a set of 17 images. The Auto-Booth is fully operational across the world in manufacturing plants, ports and compounds, covering the end-to-end finished vehicle logistics supply chain. With ID options for barcode, VIN or ANPR, booths are fully marine graded with intelligent high-speed doors and external dimensions of approx. 10m x 7m x 4m.

Auto-Track | Automated conveyer digital vehicle scanning

Boasting a level of technology equal to that of the Auto-Booth, the Auto-Track is specifically designed for internal use on manufacturing lines, scanning vehicles as they pass through the tunnel system on a conveyor belt. Images are taken as vehicles move along the line, which can be calibrated to suit the speed of production. The system causes minimal interruption, whilst still capturing the same highest quality images, which can be linked to any Auto-Booths further along the supply chain, as well as the DVM app. The Auto-Track can also be adapted to different available locations and can accommodate variable vehicle dimensions.

Auto-Flow | Free-flowing digital vehicle scanning

A free-flowing digital vision system that captures a vehicle's condition without needing to stop it or cause congestion upon entering or leaving a site. This system is designed for, and best suited to airport parking and the vehicle rental sectors. The system utilises a unique array of camera positions (patent pending), and specialist lighting to capture a series of high-resolution images, along with the vehicle’s identification via ANPR. The drive through application requires less physical space than a booth or track and is a more cost-effective option when the image quality doesn't need to be as high as with finished vehicle logistics.

DVM App | Handheld digital vehicle scanning

Fully connected to our booth, track and flow systems, our software and mobile application have been designed for vehicle dealerships, key supply chain nodes, and customer handover points. They offer electronic vehicle inspections upon receipt, enabling the user to either accept its condition or raise an exception. The DVMS apps user-led and guided experience drastically speeds up and assists the claims handling process. Our systems and apps can then interface into third party claims handling software and customer's internal systems for seamless access and integration. We offer multiple integration points via. application programming interfacing and restful web services, for simple connectivity to client and third-party systems.

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