Degould’s physical systems can be employed by stakeholders within vehicle logistics, particularly those working in finished vehicle logistics, outbound vehicle movements and end-to- end distribution, as well as stakeholders in vehicle rentals.

In both sectors, when vehicles are damaged during supply chain transportation, or while being hired or leased, it can often be difficult to accurately attribute responsibility. Traditional manual inspections at the point of vehicle handover can be costly and time-consuming, and often fail to notice damage. This leaves gaps in the evidence trail if a claim is later raised, thus causing unnecessary delays and expenses for OEMs, logistic providers and rental companies.

Degould’s auto-imaging technology, on the other hand, is both fast and cost-effective. When the responsibility for a vehicle’s condition is handed from one party to another using our technology, an objective data log is created. Should evidence be needed at a later stage to validate damage, or resolve a dispute over damage, this data log serves as indisputable proof of a vehicle’s condition throughout its journey from party-to-party.

This system can be applied to streamline numerous processes within vehicle logistics and vehicle rentals, including:

Vehicle manufacturing plants and supply chain supply stakeholders, finished vehicle distribution, vehicle logistics providers, port operators, shipping lines, rental car operators, vehicle storage compounds, car dealerships, automotive OEMs, manufacturing lines, inbound and outbound vehicle supply chains, terminal operators, UK car carriers, pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) and repair centres. Additionally our technology can supplement the services offered by vehicle inspection companies, claims management companies.

Degould’s most sophisticated and most popular system, our drive-in, drive-out Auto-Booth uses the highest degree of controlled lighting, studio quality scans and a full camera system to achieve the sharpest images available.

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