Increase in OEM demand for automation and digitisation

8th May 2020

Automation and digitisation are needed now more than ever to reduce the reliance on human interaction with automotive product.


Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic there has been some difficult reading about the automotive industry and the wide-spread impact of the virus. What it has necessitated though is an accelerated shift towards automation and digitisation which other industries have witnessed in the last few months, and where automotive has been headed for some time.


Processes, like automated vehicle inspections in OEM production and the finished vehicle logistic supply chains, that reduce the reliance on human interaction and consider the latest guidance on things like social distancing are now more important than ever. Though for different reasons, our customers have known this for some time, and over the past 7 years DeGould has successfully deployed automatic vehicle inspections for leading OEMs, so they can redeploy headcount into higher-value tasks.


Using AI for vehicle inspections and damage detection instead of relying on human resource means finding defects can be quicker, simpler and more effective as well as having tangible business benefits hitting the bottom line.


As OEM’s plan to ramp back up production, we are in wide-ranging discussions on how best to integrate our Auto-scan technology further with them. Our growing product range offers several options, from standalone and modular drive-through booths best suited to vehicle liability handover points to upstream and over conveyor systems optimised for plant quality gates.


All our Auto-scan range uses our latest patented technologies where the highest quality images (up to 240mp) are captured using sophisticated lighting, camera technology and software. These market-leading images then act as the enabler for our superior artificial intelligence.


Where physical interactions are being reduced there is a growing need for digitization, and the DeGould global inspection database and digital vehicle passport are being more widely deployed. More and more customers and departments are requesting increased capacity to the DeGould dashboard for real-time vehicle statistics, condition reports and metrics. As a result, we are releasing more features to support this demand and being customer-led in the system’s evolution.


The operational downturn in system use over the last few weeks has forced us to purely focus on R&D creating both a positive outlook and a drive forward particularly in our AI capability. Making best use of our 3 million-plus vehicle inspections to date and pushing the boundaries of what can be automatically detected in automated vehicle inspections. Our R&D acceleration means we are releasing further exciting products in the second half of the year, with our focus dedicated to industry 4.0 installs and methodology for manufacturers and their supply chains.


As DeGould transitions from pioneering disruptors in this space to established approved suppliers for multiple global customers we have fundamentally changed the way OEMs inspect vehicles.

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