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DeGoulds vehicle inspection systems add value at every stage of the vehicle supply chain, from manufacturing, logistics, rentals and remarketing


Our AI-powered digital vehicle inspection solutions provide complete and accurate vehicle condition records at handover and quality checkpoints. Find out about our market-leading systems and how they can improve your vehicle inspection quality and efficiency.

Ports & Logistics

Our automated vehicle inspection systems allow damage liability to be monitored throughout the automotive supply chain. Find out how our systems use unrivalled image quality and intelligent AI algorithms to offer superior dent and damage detection.

Rental & Parking

Our systems provide automated vehicle condition solutions for damage assignment and liability protection within the rental and parking market. Find out more about how our solutions can help you resolve disputes around damage claims.


Our automated vehicle imaging solutions allow used vehicle appraisals to detect damage while creating retail-ready remarketing images. Find out how our systems utilise AI damage detection and produce high-quality images in seconds.

The Global Leader for OEM Automated Vehicle Inspections

Our mission is to add value for our customers by delivering market-leading automated digital vehicle inspections and imagery.

How do we do this?

With over eight years of delivering real-world automated vehicle inspection systems to OEMs globally, DeGould has the experience to meet the needs of the industry. DeGould offers the highest resolution image quality for exceptional full vehicle condition capture. We achieve this quality through the patented camera and lighting technologies we have developed. Partnering our unrivalled image quality with our AI algorithms, based on over 100 million vehicle image data sets, allows for superior dent and damage detection. To ensure we’re at the cutting edge of automated vehicle inspection, DeGould continuously innovates and develops our solutions.

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