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The DeGould Solution

Automated vehicle inspection systems that have changed the way damage disputes are resolved throughout finished vehicle logistics. Multiple scanning solutions are available to seamlessly integrate into any supply chain.

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A revolutionary remarketing solution. Super fast, retail ready images at the highest quality. Capturing exterior and interior images for sale at auction and by dealer.

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Who we are

Our focus is on absolute image quality, processing speed, durability and service. Our passion for pioneering innovation and delivering results for our customers, ensure our products are always developing and stay at the front of technology.

Dan Gould
DeGould, Founder

DeGould Ltd is a British based multi-award-winning technology and innovation company working across the globe with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, offering cutting edge and market-leading products. We provide solutions to OEMs and their supply chains for capturing new vehicle damage at points of handover and for re-marketing used vehicles.


Our mission is to add value for our customers by delivering market-leading vehicle images and AI analytics.

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