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DeGould Auto-compact combines high resolution image capturing with a small footprint for the ultimate digital vehicle inspection solution with Industry 4.0 AI damage detection

DeGould’s Auto-compact system is an automated digital vehicle inspection solution that captures ultra-high-resolution images using ten cameras, making it perfect for space-limited locations.

It uses a combination of lighting fields to capture hundreds of images in seconds, held in the cloud with automatic vehicle identification for reporting accuracy. The lighting fields allow DeGould systems to capture a vast amount of damage to a variety of vehicle conditions.

AI-powered, it provides reliable vehicle damage detection, with algorithms based on over 100 million vehicle image data sets.

The system can be installed throughout the OEM vehicle supply chain, from the production line to the dealership, without requiring vehicles to be stationary.


The Auto-compact is a digital vehicle inspection system designed for OEM automotive production lines. Positioned at the end of the production line, the Auto-compact captures 100+ images per vehicle. Post image capture, AI algorithms detect and record damage displayed on a fully customisable user friendly dashboard.


  • Non-stop throughput – Conveyor and drive-through options available. Millions of vehicles processed annually across 4 continents.
  • Vehicle surface analysis – Detects defects as small as 1.0mm with vehicle coverage of 95%. The system picks up twice the number of defects as a human vehicle inspector (Verified by leading OEM). 
  • Spec Check – Ensures correct specification of wheels, bumpers, side skirts, spoilers or any other optional extras fitted.
  • Vehicle model flexibility – Optimisation and simulation tuning is available as and when each vehicle model or group of vehicles is introduced.
  • Maximum uptime – the system can be installed whilst the plant is in operation. Small 18 m2 footprint.
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. 24/7 support available from DeGould Operations Team.
  • Industry 4.0 compatibility – Integration into OEM quality management and claims handling systems.


  • Twice as effective as a human vehicle inspector. Dramatically reduces lineside operator fatigue.
  • Defect detection rate – 95%
  • ROI – Outperforms human inspection at a fraction of the cost. Pays for itself in as little as 8 months. Save time and money, improve quality.

How does it work?

Powered by AI

Auto-compact inspection systems are powered by AI damage detection algorithms. AI technology is based on a market leading database with over 100 million vehicle image data sets.


The Auto-compact uses the DeGould dashboard interface, displaying vehicle images analysed in the cloud; allowing customers to view and manage all inspection data captured by the Auto-compact system.

Auto-compact technology

Camera Technology10 high-resolution full-colour cameras capturing the profiles and roof of the vehicle. 6 or more machine vision cameras.
Lighting SystemsSpecialist diffused lighting panel Structured dent arch lighting panel.

Structured dent arch lighting panel.
White lighting to create the optimum illumination.

RGB LEDs to indicate system status.
Data SystemsSlimline PC.

10 GIGBIT ethernet architecture.
Maintenance monitor/external HMI.

Optional external screens.
Cloud SystemsCloud-based Amazon-cx storage (storage time variable). 

Auto-compact system

Maximum Vehicle SizeMaximum height – 2,000mmMaximum width – 2,800mm
TemperatureMaximum – 40°C
Minimum – 0°C
Optional environmental controls available (heating/air-conditioning)
4,620mm (W)
3,305mm (H)
3,915mm (L)
1,600mm + connections (W)
2,186mm (H)
500mm (L)
IP RatingIP20
MaterialsSteel & aluminium frame

Auto-compact installation

Customer requirementsSingle phase 1×22-240V AC 95A or Three phase 1×415-480V AC 32A.

100Mbps upload speed data access.

Suitable roadway with markings for ACD.

Groundworks – site survey required.


“DeGould’s systems have helped us revolutionise our Finished Vehicle Inspection process, delivering process improvements and providing consistency and image clarity where deployed. We look forward to the next stage in our partnership with the full introduction of AI.”
Dan Parnell, Jaguar Land Rover

“This technology us a true game-changer in our industry and is just the start of something bigger.”
Mike Hynekamp, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

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