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DeGould Auto-compact offers high resolution image capturing combined with a small footprint for the ultimate in industry 4.0 AI damage detection

Auto-compact uses a combination of white light, dark fields and structured lighting to capture hundreds of images in seconds. AI technology is used to identify fine scratches, dents and wheel scuffs.

Real-time AI assessment replaces the need for manual inspection during plant quality checks, liability handovers and defleeting processes. OEM, supply chain, and remarketing efficiency is improved as well as user experience.

Auto-compact Features

  • High resolution images for analysing vehicle condition and identifying very small defects
  • Full vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate recording of vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification for reporting accuracy
  • Patented 3-field controlled lighting providing image clarity for all damage types
  • Designed to offer the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution
Auto-compact booth


Camera Technology
  • 7 high resolution full colour cameras capturing the profiles and roof of the vehicle
  • 2 dedicated wheel cameras
  • 7 dedicated dent detection mono cameras
Lighting Systems
  • Specialist diffused lighting panel
  • Structured dent arch lighting panel
  • White lighting to create the optimum illumination
  • RGB LEDs to indicate system states
Data Systems
  • Slimline PC
  • 10 GIGBIT ethernet architecture
  • Maintenance monitor/external HMI
  • Optional external screens
Cloud Systems
  • Cloud based Amazon-cx storage (storage time variable)


  • Single phase 230V 60A
Maximum Vehicle Size
  • Maximum height – 2100mm
  • Maximum width – 2800mm
  • Maximum – 40 deg C
  • Minimum – 0 deg C
  • Optional environmental controls available (heating/air-conditioning)
  • 5200mm (W)
  • 3400mm (H)
  • 3500mm (L)
IP Rating
  • IP65
  • Steel frame with painted steel cladding panels

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