Used vehicle appraisals using AI and augmented retail ready remarketing images in seconds

Fully automated vehicle inspections and industry leading retail images that meet the needs of all remarketing partners

DeGould Auto-S fully automates the vehicle inspection process. The unique ‘S’ bend drive-through booth provides sequenced lighting control and the perfect angles for marketing photos. Our ultra high resolution cameras provide more megapixels than anyone else in the industry. Every part of the vehicle’s exterior is analysed and accurate AI algorithms identify any damage on the vehicle. Auto-S also analyses the vehicle underbody for damage and records the make of the tyre and measures the tread depth.


Auto-S provides a full set of retail ready images online, removes the driver and background from the image and allows a logo to be added. A full inspection report is provided in the DeGould dashboard with images held in the cloud.

The Auto-S can be seamlessly integrated with the DeGould Auto-compact system for the complete vehicle imagery and inspection solution. Ultra high resolution images are captured using 9 cameras together with 5 analysis cameras to detect vehicle damage. The Auto-compact uses a unique combination of structured, dark and bright field lighting to capture hundreds of images in seconds. The DeGould real time AI assessment identifies small dents, fine scratches and wheel scuffs. Images are held in the cloud for simple access and storage.


  • Optimal vehicle staging
  • Retail ready images produced in seconds
  • Market-leading image resolution
  • Variable and intelligent profile lighting
  • Exceptional consistency
  • Full inspection report
  • Automated damage detection
  • Time and efficiency savings
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification

Remarketing Solutions

A revolutionary remarketing solution. Super fast, retail ready images of the highest quality. Capturing exterior and interior images to enhance sales at auction and by dealer.


DeGould Auto-S offers the highest image quality on the market, for exceptional vehicle condition capture

  • Continuous fully automated system with no stopping
  • High resolution imaging with variable and intelligent profile lighting
  • Optimal vehicle staging to give the best image package for remarketing
  • Complete environmental control for exceptional consistency and quality
  • Designed to offer the highest level of customer imaging experience


DeGould Auto-compact offers high resolution image capturing combined with a small footprint for the ultimate in industry 4.0 AI damage detection

  • High resolution images for analysing vehicle condition and identifying very small defects
  • Extensive vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate recording of vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification for total reporting accuracy
  • Patented 3-field controlled lighting providing images clarity for all damage types
  • Designed to offer the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution

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