Degould Limited (“Degould”) operates a formal Environmental procedure as documented below
which is reviewed periodically.


All Degould employees, sub contractors and suppliers.


Degould recognises the need to conduct its business activities in a manner that complies with
ISO14001, applicable legal, health, safety and environmental legislation and contractual and other
requirements whilst at the same time protecting the environment and preventing pollution.
We will set, communicate and monitor objectives intended to improve environmental performance.
We will achieve continual improvement through the development of environmental performance
evaluation procedures and associated indicators.
We will design products taking into account environmental aspects.
We will be open about our environmental activities and, where appropriate, provide information to
stakeholders regarding environmental matters.
We will identify and manage risks associated with our business activities, client satisfaction and the
environment and ensure these risks are considered whenever there are changes to business
activities, client and regulatory requirements.
This policy is designed to help it, its employees and suppliers reach that goal.


Degould is committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and
recognises the need to continually improve its operations where practical to do so, in order to reduce
the effects on the environment.
In order to achieve these overall objectives the following policy has been adopted:

  • Reducing the environmental impacts of our installation sites and the impact on their local
    communities by keeping sites clean and tidy, conserving natural resources, and adopting
    reasonable controls for preventing water waste, noise, ground and air pollution.
  • Reduce waste and introduce recycling where possible.
  • Encouraging sub-contractors, and suppliers to adopt environmental policies and management
    systems that are satisfactory to us.
  • To set up annual environmental objectives and targets against which to measure
    improvements in environmental performance.
  • Monitoring and reviewing environmental procedures and auditing compliance to ensure
    standards are being maintained whilst highlighting potential areas for improvements.
  • Keeping abreast of and complying with legislation, regulations and codes of practice on
    environmental matters relevant to our operations.
  • Training employees and promoting environmental awareness and commitment.
  • Providing information on our environmental policies, plans and performance to interested
  • Establish emergency protocol and notifying clients and competent authorities of any
    environmental issues.
  • Using materials and products from sustainable sources wherever possible taking into
    consideration the clients requirements, making use of opportunities to minimise waste and to
    reuse or recycle materials where possible.
  • Each employee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the group’s policy and reviewing
    performance within their area.