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Automated vehicle condition checks for damage assignment and liability protection

Market-leading, innovative technology for dispute resolution using ultra high resolution images and AI algorithms to identify vehicle damage

DeGould Auto-flow offers market-leading ultra high resolution images of moving vehicles arriving and/or departing from car rental depots or airport car parks. Customers drive their vehicles through the Auto-flow arch which uses a specially designed lighting system with dedicated cameras for damage detection. The images are held in the cloud providing simple access and storage should any claims arise later.


Auto-flow has the added benefit of built-in ANPR ensuring high vehicle volumes can be digitally scanned with complete traceability.

The DeGould Auto-compact system is an image capturing alternative to the Auto-flow. Ultra high resolution images are captured using 9 cameras together with 5 analysis cameras to detect vehicle damage. The Auto-compact uses a unique combination of structured, dark and bright field lighting to capture hundreds of images in seconds. The DeGould real time AI assessment small dents, fine scratches and wheel scuffs. Images are held in the cloud for simple access and storage.


  • Market leading image resolution
  • Full and accurate vehicle condition recorded at handover 24/7
  • Automated damage detection
  • Images enable liability assignment
  • Visible camera system deters false claims being raised
  • Resolves disputes quickly
  • Replaces need for manual inspections
  • Time and efficiency savings
  • Reassuring customer experience
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification

Rental & Parking Solutions

Automated vehicle condition checks for damage assignment and liability protection


DeGould Auto-flow offers high resolution digital image capture of moving vehicles

  • Ultra high resolution images used for recording vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with number plate reference for total reporting accuracy
  • Designed to offer the highest levels of confidence and protection against damage claims
  • Total control over environmental and lighting conditions.
  • Integration into the DeGould review app and ensures smooth vehicle hand overs


DeGould Auto-compact offers high resolution image capturing combined with a small footprint for the ultimate in industry 4.0 AI damage detection

  • High resolution images for analysing vehicle condition and identifying very small defects
  • Extensive vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate recording of vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification for total reporting accuracy
  • Patented 3-field controlled lighting providing image clarity for all damage types
  • Offers the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution

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