Vehicle Inspection Dashboard

Cloud-based software providing real-time vehicle damage detection and reporting

Cloud-based dashboard reporting vehicle damage detected from automated vehicle inspections and providing ultra-high-resolution images

Our vehicle inspection dashboard is a web-based application that allows customers to view and manage the data of all inspections completed by their DeGould system. The dashboard combines the ultra-high-resolution images captured by our systems with our proprietary AI algorithms to provide a complete vehicle inspection report. All the ultra-high-resolution images’ captured during the vehicle scan can be viewed and downloaded from the dashboard. The AI algorithms highlight any damage detected on the vehicle; these results are available to review in real-time.

All results captured by the inspection link to the Vehicle Identification Number. Linking the captures to the VIN allows the dashboard to create a  Digital Vehicle Passport.  The digital passport tracks the vehicle’s condition from the manufacturer to the dealership, with complete image recall and comparison. Comparing images of the vehicle’s damage allows for the allocation of damage liability throughout the supply chain.

vehicle inspection damage detection dashboard by DeGould

Vehicle Defect Display

Assess all the damage captured in the automated vehicle inspection via our defect list. All damage highlighted within the images, including chips, dents, dings, scratches, scuffs, wheel and other, can be added, confirmed or rejected.

Vehicle Inspection Damage Detection Dashboard by DeGould

Digital Vehicle Passport

Track all vehicles’ automated inspections to assist with damage liability throughout the supply chain. Assigning liability can allow KPIs to be tracked and disputes to be resolved.

Vehicle Inspection image Scanning Damage Detection Dashboard


The ultra-high-resolution images captured by the DeGould systems can be viewed and downloaded via the digital vehicle passport. Due to the quality of the images, they can be utilised for marketing applications.

Vehicle Inspection Dent Damage Detection Dashboard

Automatic Defect Detection

Within DeGould’s automated vehicle inspection solutions, the patented combination of structured lighting, bright field and dark field technology allows our intelligent AI algorithms to identify defects on the scanned vehicle. Within the dashboard, the defect finder can be viewed as part of the vehicle’s digital passport.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen

This technology is a true game-changer in our industry and is just the start of something bigger

Wallenius Wilhelmsen


We are excited to have this new technology along our intercontinental supply chain to have a real time view at the condition of our vehicles


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