What is Auto-scan?

Auto-scan booths provide market leading high resolution images for exceptional vehicle condition capture. Complete environmental and lighting control ensures exceptional consistency and quality. DeGould’s proven AI algorithms are applied to the high resolution images to identify the smallest of damages and available in seconds on the Degould dashboard. The leading auto scan tool for OEM plants, vehicle compounds, ports and liability handover points. 

What is Auto-compact?

Auto-compact is a drive through system that captures hundreds of images in seconds to identify vehicle damages using proven AI algorithms. With a smaller footprint than other DeGould systems the Auto-compact uses patented bright, dark and structured lighting to identify dents, wheel scuffs and fine scratches. The automatic vehicle inspection system for OEM quality gates, liability handover points and vehicle appraisals.

What is Auto-S?

The Auto-S delivers fully automated, high speed ‘retail ready’ images in seconds. The drive through system provides DeGould’s industry leading high resolution images of the six most important positions for remarketing including complete sides, complete front and complete rear views. The Auto-S can also be seamlessly integrated with the Auto-compact damage detection system for the ultimate vehicle imagery and inspection solution.  

What is Auto-flow?

The Auto-flow drive through system offers high resolution digital images for recording vehicle condition. Images are stored in the cloud and viewed using the DeGould dashboard to assess not only vehicle condition but also dent detection and wheel damage. This system protects against false damage claims and returns a significant ROI when used for airport parking, car rental or valet services.

How does the DeGould AI damage detection work?

Our systems use unrivalled high resolution imaging cameras combined with high resolution analysis cameras. The exceptional image quality ensures that our proven, intelligent AI algorithms can identify the smallest of damages and highlight them in real time on the DeGould dashboard. Our solutions can be industry-standard or customer-specific with our models constantly updated as more damage is detected. Furthermore our AI can be trained to provide specification checks for finished vehicles.

Is there a limit on the vehicle size that can use DeGould systems?

DeGould systems allow for vehicles up to 2.8 metres (3 yards) wide and 2.1 metres (2.3 yards) high as standard. Should there be a requirement for larger vehicles our systems can be adapted to cater for these and ensure optimal, full vehicle images are captured. 

We have a requirement for more than one system. How will these provide my images using the DeGould dashboard?

The DeGould dashboard can be configured to access all images from multiple systems. 

Do systems require any reconfiguration for multiple vehicle types and sizes if using the systems on a daily basis?

Our systems are designed to accept all vehicle types and sizes without the need to reconfigure them as long as they fall within the maximum vehicle size for the system being used.

Can DeGould systems interface with client systems?

As part of our ‘customer first’ culture we deliver bespoke solutions wherever possible. This includes interfacing our own systems with our customers’ systems. 

Where are vehicle images and AI damage detection information stored?

Images are captured and immediately stored securely in cloud servers and instantly available using the DeGould dashboard.

Who should we contact to discuss our requirements?

Email enquiries@degould.com or call on +44 (0) 1392 876611 and our team would be delighted to discuss your exact requirements, provide demos and offer potential solutions.