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Automated transit damage liability inspections throughout the supply chain, including ports, compounds, carriers and shipping

Award-winning technology providing market-leading, automated vehicle inspection solutions for damage detection using ultra high resolution images & intelligent AI algorithms

Identifying damage through vehicle inspections at vehicle logistic chain handover points is a must. DeGould’s market-leading digital vehicle inspection systems provide an alternative, accurate, automated solution at liability handover points. In most cases, this is a manual and time-consuming process. Replacing this manual process with a DeGould automated vehicle inspection solution will improve the quality and efficiency of the damage detection at vehicle inspection points.

Ports and logistics companies can review real-time images with AI or the DeGould dashboard, accurately assessing vehicle condition with documented evidence before vehicle handover or receipt. Our AI technology detects scratches, dents and wheel scuffs, removing the need for manual inspection. When the damage is identified, the relevant party receives a notification to assist the decision-making process to the best course of action for the vehicle affected.

The proprietary DeGould AI inspection algorithms are based on over 100 million vehicle image data sets. The breadth of our data sets ensures our AI algorithms are intelligent and reliable.

DeGould Auto-scan offers ultra-high-resolution images using a complete camera system in a controlled lighting environment. The controlled lighting system ensures you receive a consistent, real-time vehicle inspection solution that produces exceptional image quality 24/7. Low natural light or active compounds do not hamper the inspection process, thus removing potential human errors; these can occur in less favourable conditions.

Not only does Auto-scan deliver market-leading, proven technology, it is also fast. The drive-through booth uses rapid rise entry and exit doors with a total process time (TAKT time) of under 5 seconds per vehicle. A specially designed lighting rig ensures high-quality images, every time, and consistent output regardless of the booth location. Every aspect of the system works to speed up the vehicle inspection process. For our partners, speed and efficiency represent significant cost savings.

The DeGould Auto-compact system is an image capturing alternative to Auto-scan, with a smaller footprint and a strong focus on vehicle damage. Within this automatic solution, nine cameras capture ultra-high-resolution images together with five analysis cameras detecting damage. The Auto-compact uses a combination of structured, dark and bright field lighting, allowing the system to capture hundreds of images in seconds. The images captured by the Auto-compact system are held in the cloud for simple access and storage, with automatic vehicle identification for reporting accuracy.

vehicle scanning technology


  • Full and accurate vehicle condition record at handover or inspection points
  • Automated damage detection
  • Streamlined process
  • Reduced quality disputes between logistics chain partners
  • Replaces the requirement for manual inspections
  • Removes human touch points reducing paperwork
  • Time and efficiency savings
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification

Ports & Logistics Solutions

Automated vehicle inspection systems to resolve damage disputes throughout FVL. Multiple scanning solutions are available to seamlessly integrate into any supply chain.


DeGould Auto-compact combines high resolution image capturing with a small footprint for the ultimate digital vehicle inspection solution with 4.0 AI damage detection

Auto-compact Automated Vehicle Inspection System
  • High resolution images for analysing vehicle condition and identifying very small defects
  • Extensive vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate recording of vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification for total reporting accuracy
  • Patented 3-field controlled lighting providing image clarity for all damage types
  • Offers the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution
  • No requirement for the vehicles to be stationary


DeGould Auto-scan offers an unrivalled automated digital vehicle inspection solution, with ultra high resolution image quality and full vehicle condition capture

  • Extreme resolution images for recording vehicle condition and identifying very small defects
  • Extensive vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate recording of vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification for total reporting accuracy
  • Complete environmental and lighting control for exceptional consistency and quality
  • Designed to offer the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution


We are excited to have this new technology along our intercontinental supply chain to have a real time view at the condition of our vehicles



We approached DeGould to partner with us in the development of an OEM solution, since the first installation in 2014 we have continued to roll the systems out and moved forward together enhancing the proposition over time.



DeGould solutions give us absolute confidence in the condition of the car prior to it leaving the factory


Vehicle Scanning Technology

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