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Automated vehicle damage detection and image augmentation

DeGoulds vehicle inspections offer automated AI damage detection providing an intelligent & reliable solution

Our automated vehicle inspection systems are powered by AI damage detection algorithms. We base our Artificial Intelligence technology on a market-leading database with over 100 million vehicle image data sets, allowing for a superior damage assessment. The proprietary DeGould AI inspection algorithms for digital vehicle inspections are both intelligent and reliable.

When a vehicle passes through our white, dark and structured light fields, our pre-trained models are used to detect dents, damage, scratch, specification and more. Our focus is to ensure we offer robust automated vehicle inspections that automatically check for vehicle defects that can affect your business and your customer experience.

AI Vehicle Inspection

Specification Check
AI Damage Detection

Industry-leading images for automated vehicle damage detection

DeGould has spent years building a library of millions of vehicles to ensure a developed and extensive data set for model training. When combining this data with our neural network technology, dedicated imaging techniques and image processing, we are confident we can offer an accurate and reliable vehicle damage detection solution to our customers.

AI for Vehicle Inspections 

Small dent vehicle AI damage detection


We process our images locally to ensure rapid, accurate and intelligent results before they are stored and accessible from the cloud.

Our systems deploy cutting edge algorithms, accurately detecting dents and defects while perfectly augmenting images for remarketing and retailer applications.

AI for Vehicle Inspections 

Reliable vehicle AI damage detection


Where possible, we use our master data models, which cover a broad catalogue of vehicle types and examples of damage across the vehicle body and wheels.

These models are constantly updated and improved as more damage is detected, resulting in an ever-evolving vehicle damage inspection system that continually grows in capability.

AI for Vehicle Inspections 

Real time vehicle AI damage detection


Depending on the application, operatives can see damage reports and highlighted areas almost immediately post-inspection, allowing them to carry out additional checks. This approach is ideal for end of the production line quality and specification checks. It also works for pre-shipment conformity checks for condition, protection and compliance.

For total traceability and real-time visibility at plant handover and throughout the logistics chain, we upload captured images highlighting damage or non-conforming parts to the DeGould dashboard.

Our solutions can be industry-standard or customer-specific as we can custom build models tailored to specific customer requirements. At DeGould, we embed the AI capabilities within our solutions, providing unrivalled damage detection.

In the fast-moving world of digital vehicle inspection, powered by AI, we continue to innovate and improve our product capability.

If there is an application you would like to discuss, or you would like to learn more about our latest technology and products in development, please get in touch.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen

This technology is a true game-changer in our industry and is just the start of something bigger

Wallenius Wilhelmsen


We are excited to have this new technology along our intercontinental supply chain to have a real time view at the condition of our vehicles


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