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DeGould Auto-scan offers an unrivalled automated vehicle inspection solution, with ultra-high-resolution image quality and full vehicle condition capture

DeGould Auto-scan is an automated vehicle inspection solution utilising vehicle scanning technology to complete a full vehicle condition assessment, whilst providing ultra-high-quality, market-ready images. The breadth of the images captured ensures a comprehensive and accurate recording of the vehicle’s condition, and the extreme resolution this system provides allows the smallest of defects to be identified successfully.

Auto-scan offers the highest image quality on the automated vehicle inspection market for exceptional vehicle condition capture. To protect you against claims and control quality, Auto-scan allows you to record, review and analyse ultra-high resolution images. Images can be assessed in real-time with AI or retrospectively in our dashboard to determine plant quality and assign damage liability, improving OEM and supply chain experience. Auto-scan also uses our proven dent-arch lighting system and AI algorithms for superior dent and damage detection.

Not only does Auto-scan deliver market-leading, proven technology, it is also fast. The drive-through booth uses rapid rise entry and exit doors with a total process time (TAKT time) of under 6 seconds per vehicle. The specially designed lighting rig ensures the solution captures high-quality images every time and output is consistent, regardless of the booth’s worldwide location. Each aspect of the system works to speed up the vehicle inspection process. For our partners, speed and efficiency represent significant cost savings.

The DeGould Auto-scan solution is customisable; for installation within a factory line, removing the rapid-rise doors allows vehicles to pass through the system continuously.

Auto-scan vehicle scanning technology

Auto-scan Features

  • High resolution images for recording vehicle condition and identifying very small defects
  • Full vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate recording of vehicle condition
  • Cloud based image storage with automatic vehicle identification for reporting accuracy
  • Complete environmental and lighting control for exceptional consistency and quality
  • Designed to offer the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution


DeGould Auto-scan vehicle scanning technology


Camera Technology45MP body and exterior full-colour image capture per vehicle including5MP dedicated dent detection cameras
Lighting SystemsSpecialist diffused lighting with intelligent controlStructured dent arch light panel
Data SystemsRackmount PC
1 GIGBIT ethernet architecture
Maintenance monitor
Optional external screens
Cloud SystemsCloud based Amazon-cx storage (storage time variable)


ElectricalSingle-phase 230V 60A 
Maximum Vehicle SizeMaximum height – 2100mm
Maximum width – 2800mm
Optional sizes available
TemperatureMaximum – 40 deg C
Minimum – 0 deg C
Optional environmental controls available (heating/air-conditioning)
Dimensions3700mm (W) 2760mm (H) 1200mm (L) 
IP RatingIP65 
MaterialsSteel frame with painted steel cladding panels 

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