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DeGould Auto-S offers high speed superior quality marketing images

Named because of its unique S-bend design innovation, Auto-S allows you to capture exceptional quality ‘retail ready’ images whilst the vehicle is in motion. The Auto-S system is specifically designed to give you the six most important images of the vehicle exterior including the correct profiles

and wheel positions, complete side on view, and complete front and rear views to optimise the remarketing opportunity. Auto-S can be seamlessly integrated with the DeGould Auto-compact damage detection system for the complete vehicle imagery and inspection solution.

Auto-S Features

  • Continuous fully automated system with no stopping
  • High resolution imaging with variable and intelligent profile lighting
  • Optimal vehicle staging to give the best image package for remarketing
  • Complete environmental control for exceptional consistency and quality
  • Designed to offer the highest level of customer imaging experience
Auto-S booth


Camera Technology
  • 372MP body and exterior full-colour image capture per vehicle including dedicated wheel capture
Lighting Systems
  • Specialist vehicle profile specific lighting
Data Systems
  • Rackmount PC
  • 10 GIGBIT ethernet architecture
  • Maintenance monitor
  • Optional external screens
Cloud Systems
  • Cloud based Amazon-cx storage (storage time variable)


  • Single phase 230V 60A
Maximum Vehicle Size
  • Maximum height – 2100mm
  • Maximum width – 2800mm
  • Optional sizes available
  • Maximum – 40 deg C
  • Minimum – 0 deg C
  • Optional environmental controls available (heating/air-conditioning)
  • 8600mm (W)
  • 3500mm (H)
  • 14000mm (L)
IP Rating
  • IP65
  • Steel frame with painted steel panels

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