Jaguar Land Rover

Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover has been working with DeGould since 2014. JLR was an early adopter of automated vehicle inspection solutions, with the first Auto-scan system being installed at their Solihull plant.

DeGoulds technology now forms the primary aspect of their inspection process and has been extended throughout their manufacturing plants and supply chain.

Jaguar Land Rover now has systems installed at the following sites:

Solihull Manufacturing Plant

Halewood Manufacturing Plant

Nitra Slovakia Manufacturing Plant

Finished Vehicle Inspection

JLR Goes Into Their Tenth Year with DeGould

JLR has renewed their contract with DeGould for automated vehicle inspections. Over the last 7 years we have provided inspection solutions in plant and throughout the supply chain.

Auto-scan Processes 1 Million JLR Vehicles

The milestone one-millionth vehicle was a Range Rover Evoque and was processed at Jaguar Land Rovers’s Halewood plant using the DeGould system at 17:58 on the 14th of June 2019. 

DeGould Goes Live in Slovakia with JLR

Jaguar Land Rover opened its state-of-the-art €1.4bn (£1bn) manufacturing facility in Nitra, Slovakia; they’re the first UK automotive company to open a plant in Slovakia.

“DeGould’s systems have helped us revolutionise our Finished Vehicle Inspection process, delivering process improvements and providing consistency and image clarity where deployed. We look forward to the next stage in our partnership with the full introduction of AI.”
Dan Parnell, Jaguar Land Rover

“We approached DeGould to partner with us in the development of an OEM solution, since the first installation in 2014 we have continued to roll the systems out and moved forward together enhancing the proposition over time.”
Dan Parnell, Jaguar Land Rover

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