Jaguar Land Rover Go into Their Tenth Year with DeGould

22nd December 2021

range rover entering auto-scan digital vehicle inspection booth

Jaguar Land Rover has renewed their contract with DeGould for automated vehicle inspection.

Over the last seven years, DeGould has worked with Jaguar Land Rover, providing automated vehicle inspection solutions both at their plants and in their supply chain. Currently, we have systems installed at JLR’s three main plants in Solihull, Halewood and Nitra. This month, Jaguar Land Rover has made a further commitment to extend the DeGould partnership, which will take us into our 10th year and beyond with the luxury SUV manufacturer.

Jaguar Land Rover was an early adopter of the DeGould technology, with the first Auto-scan system being installed at their plant in Solihull. This technology now forms the primary aspect of their inspection process, and has been extended through their supply chain at ports, and as far as the global dealers with the use of the DVM app.

Since the first Auto-scan installed at JLR, DeGould has developed their Auto-compact system. This solution focuses on the inspection requirements facing OEMs today. The Auto-compact, by name, has a smaller footprint; at OEM facilities, space is a premium. As well as offering a smaller footprint, cars can drive through the system without stopping. In addition, the system can be placed over the production line and work in sync with the conveyor, 

At DeGould, we partner our state of the art hardware systems with our proprietary AI algorithms to offer a superior damage detection assessment. With over 100 million OEM vehicle image data sets, our algorithms are intelligent and reliable when detecting small defects and damages like dents, scratches, scuffs, chips and more as well as specification conformity and more.

As well as JLR, both Bentley and Daimler AG have recently extended their existing DeGould agreements beyond 2021, with plans for further systems throughout their operations. 

Currently, our OEM customers include the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Daimler, Ford, Toyota, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. This foundation customer base is why DeGould is the global leader for OEM automated vehicle inspections and is trusted by a growing number globally.

To find out more about how DeGould offer OEMs with market-leading Automated Vehicle Inspection Solutions here:

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