AI Reshapes Automated Vehicle Inspection

4th May 2022

DeGould AI Damage Detection

Rapid advances in computing power and AI provide the digital tools to automate the inspection process and more accurately detect defects. 

Extract from Automotive World.
Words by Benjamin Jones, Head of Machine Learning Strategy at DeGould 

Artificial Intelligence Damage Detection

In today’s world, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT are transforming automotive operations. Global automotive giants such as Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, and Ford are already leveraging automation to replace manual inspection processes throughout the finished vehicle supply chain. These companies are embracing this as part of Industry 4.0: utilising automation, machine learning, and real-time data to drive significant business benefits. The outdated manual processes of traditional vehicle inspections‚—which are not only expensive but also time-consuming—are now being replaced by advanced automation processes to simultaneously improve performance, drive efficiency, and reduce costs.

Benjamin Jones also discusses ‘The role of AI and machine learning in automating vehicle inspection‘, ‘Strengthening AI with high-resolution images’ and ‘The future of vehicle inspection‘. To view the rest of the article, please visit

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