DeGould Auto-scan arrives at Shanghai Port for Daimler

6th August 2019

DeGould Auto-scan is now installed in Shanghai Port as part of a global roll-out for Daimler, following the successful install of their first DeGould Auto-scan last year. Their first Auto-scan booth was installed at the Mercedes Benz USI plant in Vance, Alabama back in November 2018.


This was the first DeGould modular designed Auto-scan to be exported from the UK, reducing install time and any disruption to port operations. This also ensures consistency in build to ensure standardisation across our platforms, and is in response to growing demand for the product.


The DeGould Auto-scan Booth in Shanghai will inspect Mercedes vehicles being imported to China from the US, as part of their global roll-out strategy for transport quality.


“We are delighted with our global partnership with Daimler AG and the installs in the US and China as part of phase 1 have been a fantastic experience” Dan Gould, Founder.


DeGould Auto-scan booths, scan vehicles in seconds. Automatically producing high-definition images and AI quality analytics instantly to the cloud-based DeGould dashboard.


“We are excited to have this new technology along our intercontinental supply chain to have a real time view at the condition of our vehicles” say Daimler AG.


Covering the supply chain.


Upon leaving the Daimler factory in Vance all vehicles go through the DeGould Auto-scan booth. Vehicles then move by rail onto Port of exit, Brunswick. Vehicles are then shipped to Shanghai where the condition of each vehicle is digitally checked and recorded again.


The link between Vance and Shanghai is the first section of their global supply chain that  Daimler have covered. To complete the supply chain route further install are in the pipeline for Brunswick and other key touch points.


Daimler plans to install further systems at plant and through the supply chain during phase 2 of the roll-out as the DeGould solution becomes more integrated to their quality strategy. With DeGould advances in AI analytics and automatic vehicle checking, further installs are planned at key global ports for use by Daimler and other OEMs.

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