New Product: DeGould Auto-flow installed at Bristol Airport

22nd November 2019

DeGould’s innovative Auto-flow solution is now installed and operating around the clock in Silver Zone parking at Bristol Airport, UK.

Auto-flow has been developed to reduce damage disputes that take place at airport parking. These disputes often end up being drawn out, costly and hard to conclude.

Auto-flow is part of DeGould’s Auto-scan product range and represents another significant breakthrough for the company. Auto-flow solves the issue of vehicle damage disputes at airports and valet parking by digitally scanning cars as they enter parking facilities.

The benefits of having digitally automated vehicle inspections are without question. There is no dispute and no downtime.

We are delighted with the data we see coming through,” explains Project Manager Will Harvey.

Bristol airport staff have been quick to engage with the system and are experiencing the benefits of having photographic evidence of vehicle condition at their disposal for every car and customer that uses the airport’s silver zone parking.

Bristol’s Auto-flow system is inspecting over 1000 vehicles a day, eliminating any discrepancy over vehicle condition.

Feedback from Bristol Airport’s Ground Transportation team has been as follows.

“The system itself has been impressive and the quality of images are of a level we have never had before, and this instils confidence in our management and complaints teams when dealing with customers who make claims of the alleged damage. The quality of images has also been commented on by our customers when we have been able to show clear images of pre-existing damage to them. We have already seen a drop in Incident Report Forms (IRFs) created in YOY comparisons and expect this to continue.”

Having successfully fine-tuned the system, plans are underway to deliver the pioneering Auto-flow solution to airport and valet car parking all over the world.

“Thanks to DeGould’s AI for vehicle inspections becoming increasingly advanced, the days of vehicle damage disputes at airport parking ending up in a human disagreement can now be a thing of the past,” says Richard Hammond, DeGould’s Chief Technology Officer.

Auto-flow sees the DeGould team delivering a more public-facing solution alongside their port management and OEM focused solutions.

Further applications for DeGould’s Auto-scan systems and Auto-flow include fleet management centres carrying out high volumes of vehicle inspections on used cars arriving and departing depots on their way to being resold.

With Bristol Airport’s Auto-flow now up and running, the DeGould team are in advanced talks with a number of significant airport and valet parking operators about introducing the technology. The day to day focus for the DeGould innovation team continues to be the advancement of artificial intelligence for vehicle scanning. Whilst the technical and installation teams continue to expand the company’s global auto-scanning network by installing automatic vehicle inspection systems on a global basis across multiple sectors.

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